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Yellowhead Regional Employment Skills and ServicesYellowhead Regional Employment Skills and Services

Yellowhead Regional Employment Skills and Services Inc. is a local non-profit organization currently in contract with the Government of Canada & Government of Manitoba
to provide community-based employment assistance services to assist unemployed and underemployed people to prepare for, find and keep jobs.

Our mandate is to provide employment assistance services to unemployed and underemployed Manitobans in order to assist them in obtaining meaningful employment. We offer face-to-face job search strategies to give our clients the upper hand when it comes to applying and interviewing for jobs.

We also offer services to employers and communities within our geographic region, which includes: Erickson, Minnedosa and the R.M’s of Park, Strathclair, Harrison, Clanwilliam, Blanshard, Saskatchewan, and Odanah.

Services We Provide
  • Job Search Assistance and Job Referrals
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Preparation Assistance and Mock Interviews
  • Access to Internet Programs for Career Counselling
  • Free Employer’s Job Bank
  • Advertise job openings on Job Board and Job Bank
  • Service Canada Representative – Biweekly, at present, a Service Canada representative comes to the YRESS centre to answer any questions dealing with Federal Government programs and services,
answers any questions related to EI, CPP, passports, SIN, etc, assists with applying for EI on line and answer further questions or concerns
  1. Access to Skills Development
  2. Vocational and/or skills training
  3. Academic upgrading and/or literacy training
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Information on Work Experience – Wage Subsidy Program:
  • Help people gain knowledge, skills and experience on-the-job that will lead to meaningful long-term employment
  • Information on the Self Employment:
  • Must be receiving Employment Insurance or have a Maternity or Parental claim and have a viable business idea.
  • Business idea approved – will maintain EI while obtaining assistance with the business plan development and the early stages of the operation of the business
  • Information on Skills Link Program for Youth (16-30 years)
  1. Individual Skills Enhancement
  2. Work Experience
  3. Employability Skills through Work Experience
  4. Employability Skills through Community
  5. To prepare youth for future work or career decisions, and/or assist them with seeking, obtaining and maintaining employment
  • Information on Work Sharing Program – To help Employers and Workers avert temporary layoffs
  • Support workers eligible for EI benefits who are willing to work a temporary reduced work-week
  • Computers available for:
  1. Internet Job Bank Search
  2. Typing resumes and/or cover letters
  3. Career Ideas – Career Cruising
  • Resource Lending Library
  • Information and referral for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). 
Used to identify, document, assess and recognize your skills and knowledge, no matter where your learning happened.
Some on-line resources for job searches include Service Canada’s job bank listing:, ebrandon website: or Wow Jobs website:

Address: Box 367, 133 Main Street South
Phone: 204-867-2833