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Visiting Minnedosa and want to get a ride in?  Whether it’s on the road or on the trails, summer or winter, contact Prairie Mountain Cycling to join us on a group ride or get some advice on best places to take your bike in the area. 

If you live in Minnedosa or surrounding area, come ride with us, or join us further develop our trail system by trail building.

If you have kids, sign them up in our Kids of Mud program happening during April – June. For the young (Dirt Squirts KOM) and older (Prairie Mountain Goats) – we like to ride our bikes!

Dirt Jumpers:  Check out the River’s Edge Bike Park… there you will find an assortment of jumps and pump track.


The Dirt Squirts – Kids of Mud (KOM) is a Manitoba Cycling Association sanctioned Learn to Ride and Learn to Race program for kids 5 to 16 years of age. Riders will learn the basics of off-road cycling with an opportunity to challenge their fitness on the trail! More general information on the Kids of Mud program and Manitoba Cycling Association ( or contact us directly to find out how to register.

General Information/Questions/Concerns:
Please email us ( – we are a small group and do our best to listen to feedback from all participants & parents.  Up to date info can be found on Facebook (

Thanks for your interest in PMC!  Ride on!

Winter fat-biking/snowshoeing trails

(Bison enclosure, Oxbow Trail, Dari-Isle loop) are developed and maintained by this group. Kindly respect the trails.