Invest in Minnedosa

Minnedosa Area CDC will focus on the development of a healthy economic environment in our community. We will create economic opportunities and enhance social conditions on a comprehensive & sustainable basis. The Economic Development Office currently offers a wide range of confidential services such as but not limited to:

  • Grant opportunities & assistance
  • Business Development Assistance
  • Community Group organization
  • Community contacts and information
  • Community website updates and services
  • New Resident Welcome packages
  • New Resident and Immigration assistance
  • Tourism Information
  • Marketing assistance

The area’s unique valley setting, location at two major highways (#10 & #16 – Yellowhead), proximity to Brandon and Riding Mountain National Park, first-rate health, education and recreational facilities, and the quieter pace of a rural community, make for an excellent quality of life for our residents.

The economy in Minnedosa is based largely on agriculture and farming in the rich fertile fields of the surrounding area. Major crops include most cereal grains and oilseeds, as well as, many forage crops for use in livestock production. There are several livestock operations in the area which augment the prosperous field crops.

Minnedosa is a full-service centre for agriculture in the area. Town businesses offer support to all aspects of the farming community, including seed, chemicals, equipment sales and service, and agronomic advice. Manufacturing is a big part of the town’s economy, as well. Two major plants operate in the community, one producing various types of farm machinery and parts, the other producing ethanol from grain for use as an automotive fuel and many other industrial applications.

Minnedosa has a thriving retail and business district where residents can purchase almost all they will ever need. The business district offers shopping and a full slate of services for residents of surrounding communities.